We launched a new program with 3 Stages and Low fees starting from 70$ for 25k Prime Lite Account


How Prime Lite Works ?

Prime Lite is a funding program powered by Aitela Trading and our Partner Prime Bridge

What type of programs ?

Prime Lite is a 3 steps evaluation that' trader must pass to get a funded account from and make profit .

Each stage have different rules , Please read FAQs bellow.


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Rules and FAQ

Max Loss : 10% / No Max Days / No Max Daily Loss / No Min Days / 8% Target. All Strategies are allowed
-TC Bridge
Metatrader 5
Trades can be placed at anytime of the day. Overnight and over the weekend positions are allowed.
Stage 1 : Unlimited Period Stage 2: 30 Days Stage 3: 60 days
Martingale trading is the only prohibited strategy. Martingale to us is defined as opening a position while first position opened is in drawdown, and following positions added in the same direction and same symbol are opened in multipliers of first position size. E.g. For a 1 lot sell position, a multiplier in this case starts from 1.01, so 1 and below is not classified as martingale In an unlikely case, your evaluation may be extended by the risk team in order to get promotion to the second stage. If you do pass the evaluation, but your trading strategy doesn’t align with what we are looking for you will be refunded with an extra 10% compensation for your time and labour input.
Stage 2 and Stage 3 only Strategies that don’t align? 1/ Using micro lot sizes to complete a challenge 2/ Inconsistent Balance Grwoth
There is no refund.
Targets : Stage 1: 8% Stage 2: 8% Stage 3: 4% Max loss: 10% for all stages Max daily loss : Stage 1: No Stage 2: 5% Stage 3 : 5%
EA’s and Trade Copiers are allowed. Ea’s must not be martingale. Ea’s are allowed to use virtual/hidden stop losses.
Major and Minor Forex pairs – $7 per lot /Metals – $7 per lot /Crypto – 0.5% /Indices – 0.0004% / Stocks – 0.2%
The leverage on TAMWIL PRIME lite is 1:200. But it may be lowered to 1:50 or 1:10 after going live until you make your first withdrawal. 25K Prime leverage is 1:100 But it may be lowered to 1:50 or 1:10 after going live until you make your first withdrawal.
After going live, there will be risk reviews at -5% drawdown at which point the account will be reviewed by the risk team and they will make a decision if the trader will continue to trade or not .
when you start a free trial , That means that you are only testing our Program for free , and you will not get any Funded account if you pass the Free trial Evaluation.
Perfect Money , USDt Wallet
75% Profit Share / 65% Profit Share if you have +400k Funded acoount
Unlimited Accounts
Scaling up to 2M$ are applied for +50K Accounts //. Scaling Plan : 50k, 100k, 200k, 400k, 1 million, 1.5 million and 2 million and 10% needs to be met and kept in the account before it can scale

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