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Are you looking for trusted funding sources for your Trading journey?

You are looking for funded programs and you are confused about which program is the best for you. We introduced the AT MarketPlace which provides access to the best funding programs in the industry.

  • +5 Funding Company

    Choose any funding Program you prefer from 5 Funding Companies in our MarketPlace

  • Trusted and Reliable

    We are focusing to list trusted companies in our MarketPlace, We are focusing to provide enough statistics and information about the company in the company profile.

  • Company Profile

    We provide our users with enough information about the company in its AT profile on our MarketPlace like the Payouts amount that company made and the company users' number and other statistics.

  • Sync your Prop Account

    If you already have a Prop Account with any Funding Company listed in our MarketPlace, you can easily sync that account to your AT Profile, and your account statistics will appear in your AT profile so it can be browsed By your followers and other members.

Set Up your AT Profile with your Prop Accounts

Set Up your AT Profile with your Prop Accounts

Do you have Prop Accounts with different funding companies? No worries you can manage all these accounts in one place and also track your account statistics easily. One of the best features of our platform is that your account statistics will appear to the community so it's a way to bring investors and more funding opportunities from the public.

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Frequently asked questions

Is a platform that brings traders and investors to communicate, trade, analyze and get funded accounts all in one platform.
Is a network bringing together funded traders who have an account aged more than three months, with investors interested in profitable trading system to associate it with their PREMIUM Account, all this is done with a simple click in our platform . Click here for More Informations
It is a network that combines traders who are able to pass the prime evaluation with investors who are able to pay the TAMWIL Prime fees , firstfully , the trader must open a Free Trial account from the platform and achieve the Required goals, After that he will able to publish his account on the Scholarship network and interested investors will contact him and deal to manage the full Evaluation , and also manage the funded account when the Evaluation is passed . Click here for More Informations
Absolutely, if you believe that you can trade on the financial markets and pass Funding Evaluation or trade on Direct Funded account , you can Sign up and choose your best funding program and start trading from our platform or external platform . Click here for More Informations
it's a place where you can share, post , comment , Follow others , and build your Fanbase . You can share your MT Systems or Scholarships and investors can contact you and start dealing with you . Click here for More Informations
NO, AITELA TRADING IS A BRAND NAME OWNED BY ATELA GROUP LTD, AITELA GROUP LTD is registered, financial technology company based in the United Kingdom. The company is in the market to create technologies and tools that help retail traders and financial companies. We offer funding services partnered with some prop firms .

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