A place where you can find the best funding programs

We introduced this MarketPlace to easiest the process of searching about the best funding programs

How traders can use the MarketPlace ?

Traders can open a free account in our plaform to start browsing Funding programs in the MarketPlaces , they can find their favorite prop funds there or find a new  prop funds that can be good for them

How Prop Funds can use the MarketPlace ?

if you own a prop fund , our MarketPlace will be the best choice to bring new traders , you can publish your funding program with full details , also set the price of each account size and receive Subscriptions  fees in AitCoin and much other features .

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Frequently asked questions

$AIT ( AitCoin ) is the only method to pay in MarketPlace
we are doing our best to verify prop firms before showing it to user in our platform , you can check the prop firm profile and check if there's any withdrawal proof , also you can see users that are working with any prop fund in our platform and contact them for additional informations
Yes , you need to have a Registred Company , Website , Email ( end with your website domain ) , Trusr Pilot Linked with your website .

Have any question in mind please mail us


Manage Everything From your Mobile

Instant free download from Playstore, use our app to manage your AT Accounts and Communicate ,share ideas with your followers in AT Community , also make payments and withdraw your profits Everything in one app .

Manage Everything From your Mobile
Manage Everything From your Mobile