AitCoin !


First Trade 2 Earn Crypto

Its primary function is to facilitate transactions within the platform, but also we prepared a program to Earn AitCoin by trading in our platform

How  it will works?

Our goal is to create a currency to facilitate transactions between traders and investors buyers in the field of trading and also reduce the fees that face them when you transfer money within our company or any other company

Why AitCoin ?

One of the objectives of the AitCoin project is to work partnerships with major companies in various fields such as e-shopping, restaurants and e-services , so traders can use AitCoin in many fields

How To get AitCoin ?

Aitela Trading  introduces the AitCoin Rewards Program , it's a Trade 2 Earn program , so basically you should buy an account and start trading  tasks and earn AitCoins , that will help us to stabilize  the AitCoin and make it a safe crypto to invest in .

You can easily get AitCoin through our Funding programs so that you can use it as a withdrawal method in our MT Network  or any service in our platform


Aitela Trading Role ?

is to make a safe platform to trade and get funding and also using Aitcoin to avoid the industry fees 

we want make a world for traders and investors which it will have it's own currency and  community .

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Manage Everything From your Mobile

Instant free download from Google Play, use our app to manage your AT Accounts and Communicate ,share ideas with your followers in AT Community , also make payments and withdraw your profits . Everything in one app .

Manage Everything From your Mobile
Manage Everything From your Mobile