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Welcome to aitela trading platform A world for traders and investors, we offer funding, communication, and working together, let's build our own business world !

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Welcome to aitela trading platform A world for traders and investors, we offer funding, communication, and working together, let's build our own business world !


Share your ideas, analysis and account performance
Comment , Like , and follow other’s accounts in our platform

Funding Programs

Funding programs that enables you to get a funded account starting from 200k$

MT & Scholarship Networks

networks that brings together investors and professional traders to collaborate with each other

Easy to use

you can enjoy trading, sharing your ideas and Communicating on the the same platform

New Generation of Trading !


Our platform is the best choice for traders and investors, it offers everything they need to work together !

  • MT & Scholarship Networks

    These networks are built entirely on our funding accounts ,so investors can buy funded accounts and connect them with good traders safely on our platform

  • AT Funding Programs

    You can get a Funded Account through our funding programs and also use it to work on our MT Systems network and earn up to 75% Profit split also earn from your Subscribers in the MT network

  • AT Metrix & Community

    You can use AT Metrix to track the performance of your account and share your performance with investors on the platform or elsewhere with simple click of button .

  • Trade & Analyse

    if you are a manual trader , you don't need to install Metatrader or get out from our platform We have developed the platform for you to trade through MT webtrading and also to analyse through tradingview API integration

How MT Network works
MT Network

How MT Network works

This technology exists to combine investors and traders so that both benefits, the trader publishes his funded account on the network for a monthly subscription and a commission on each withdrawal made by the investor. The investor has the freedom to browse trader's metrix on the MT network and monitor their performance and finally subscribe to the chosen trader.

Find a good trader
Scholarship Network

You can't pass Prime Evaluation ?

Some Traders or investors can't pass evaluation and other traders have the ability to pass it but they don't have money to pay programs fees , With Scholarship Network in our platform traders can open a free trial account and after they meet the requirement they can publish their Free Trial account in our Scholarship Network , then Investors will see their Performace and contact them ... More infos

You can't pass Prime Evaluation ?
  • You can't pass Prime Evaluation ?
  • You can't pass Prime Evaluation ?
  • You can't pass Prime Evaluation ?
  • You can't pass Prime Evaluation ?
  • You can't pass Prime Evaluation ?
  • You can't pass Prime Evaluation ?
You can't pass Prime Evaluation ?

First Trade 2 Earn Crypto

Its primary function is to facilitate transactions within the platform,  also we prepared a program to Earn AitCoin by trading in our platform.

How  it works ?

Our goal is to create a currency to facilitate transactions between traders and investors  in the field of trading and also reduce the fees of transactions  within our company or any other company.

Why AitCoin ?

One of the objectives of the AitCoin project is to make partnerships and co-operate with major companies in various fields such as e-shopping, restaurants and e-services , so traders can use AitCoin in many fields

How To Earn AitCoin ?

Aitela trading  introduces  the AitCoin Rewards Program , it's a Trade 2 Earn program , so basically you should buy an account and start trading with us and get AitCoins , that will help us to stabilize  the AitCoin and make it a safe crypto to invest in .

You can easily get AitCoin through our Funding programs so that you can use it as a withdraw method or any service in our platform.

Aitela Trading Role ?

making a safe platform to trade and get funding and also use Aitcoin to avoid the industry's fees.

we want to build a world for traders and investors with  it's own currency and  community .

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Aitela Trading news ?

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Frequently asked questions

Is a platform that brings traders and investors to communicate, trade, analyze and get funded accounts all in one platform.
Is a network bringing together funded traders who have an account aged more than three months, with investors interested in profitable trading system to associate it with their PREMIUM Account, all this is done with a simple click in our platform . Click here for More Informations
It is a network that combines traders who are able to pass the prime evaluation with investors who are able to pay the TAMWIL Prime fees , firstfully , the trader must open a Free Trial account from the platform and achieve the Required goals, After that he will able to publish his account on the Scholarship network and interested investors will contact him and deal to manage the full Evaluation , and also manage the funded account when the Evaluation is passed . Click here for More Informations
Absolutely, if you believe that you can trade on the financial markets and pass Funding Evaluation or trade on Direct Funded account , you can Sign up and choose your best funding program and start trading from our platform or external platform . Click here for More Informations
it's a place where you can share, post , comment , Follow others , and build your Fanbase . You can share your MT Systems or Scholarships and investors can contact you and start dealing with you . Click here for More Informations
NO, AITELA TRADING IS A BRAND NAME OWNED BY ATELA GROUP LTD, AITELA GROUP LTD is registered, financial technology company based in the United Kingdom. The company is in the market to create technologies and tools that help retail traders and financial companies. We offer funding services partnered with some prop firms .

Have any question in mind please mail us